Health Watch - High-Tech Medicine: Robot Surgery

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about technological advances that improve medical treatment. Science fiction may give us robot warriors or robot servants, but robot surgeons are present-day reality, and they’re becoming more and more advanced.

Surgeons at UT Southwestern Medical Center have been using a surgical robot to perform prostate, bariatric, urological and other surgeries. Now they have a new, more advanced surgical robot. The new robot has dual consoles, so two surgeons can consult and collaborate on the same surgery. Surgeons can also import imaging studies into the monitor to help guide the procedures.

Dr. Claus Roehrborn, UT Southwestern’s chairman of urology, says the new robot will allow surgeons to perform more single-incision surgeries. The surgical robots allow doctors to perform fine manipulations through tiny incisions. That means less pain and faster recovery times for patients.      


July 2010

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