Health Watch - High-Tech Medicine: Advanced Scanning

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Advanced technology has taken the practice of medicine in new directions. This week on Health Watch, we’ll look at some new medical technology. Being able to see inside the body gives doctors an advantage in diagnosis. A next-generation CT scanner improves the view.

Computed tomography, or CT, scanners take images in strips that are then pieced together by a computer to create a larger image of organs or structures within the body. The latest generation of scanners can create images in less time. These scanners can also create continuous images, which allow doctors to see organs in motion or parts of the body in use.

Dr. Phil Evans, a radiologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, which is among the first medical centers using the new scanners, says this scanner reduces the amount of radiation patients are exposed to. This scanner could allow doctors to diagnose a heart attack or stroke in less than 20 minutes – a huge improvement over the battery of tests required now, which can take hours.


July 2010

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