Health Watch - Food Safety: Salmonella

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Food safety has become a high-profile concern recently amid reports of food recalls or illness outbreaks due to contaminated food. This week on Health Watch, we’ll talk about protecting yourself from food-borne illnesses. Salmonella has been in the news many times lately.

Proper food handling can go a long way toward protecting yourself from salmonella. Dr. Kurt Kleinschmidt, a toxicologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says you can prevent the growth of salmonella bacteria by keeping perishables refrigerated. Cook foods to recommended temperatures to kill bacteria. Wash your hands in hot, soapy water and dry on a clean towel or paper towel before preparing, serving or eating food. Don’t use the same utensils or dishes with cooked food that you used with raw food. Thoroughly wash cutting boards, countertops and utensils after contact with raw meats. Eggs are very high risk and should be cooked completely.


September 2010

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