Health Watch - Fighting Cancer: Spreading Prostate Cancer

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This week on Health Watch, we’ve been talking about the fight against cancer and victories that are taking place in laboratories and hospitals. Cancer becomes particularly dangerous when it spreads beyond a primary tumor to invade the rest of the body. New research shows that one gene can make a difference in whether or not prostate cancer spreads.

When one particular gene functions normally, it keeps prostate cancer from spreading. If that gene stops working, though, the cancer can spread to lymph nodes and other organs. That’s what researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center recently discovered.

Dr. Jer-Tsong Hsieh, a UT Southwestern urologic oncologist, says this discovery could help doctors identify which patients could have more aggressive forms of prostate cancer that are more likely to spread. The discovery also could eventually lead to ways to fight prostate cancer or keep it from spreading.


April 2010

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