Health Watch - Bullying: Dealing With Cyberbullying

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about bullying. Previously, we talked about how parents can help prevent their children from becoming a victim or perpetrator of cyberbullying. But what if your child becomes a target?

Cyberbullies use the Internet and cell phones to threaten, humiliate or harass other kids. Dr. Thomas Van Hoose, a clinical psychologist affiliated with UT Southwestern Medical Center, says cyberbullying can be just as emotionally harmful as physical bullying. Because the technology is always available, there’s no escape from it. Children being cyberbullied should log off and block future communication from the bully.

Children shouldn’t strike back or try to get revenge, and they shouldn’t forward bullying messages or photos to other kids. Kids should let their parents know if they’re being harassed online, and they should save copies of communication from the bully to share with authorities if that becomes necessary.    


August 2010

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