Health Watch - Bullying: Dealing With Bullies

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about dealing with bullying, which is an issue that may come up as kids return to the classroom in the new school year. Previously, we discussed some signs of bullying. If you think your child is being bullied, what should you do?

Bullying must be dealt with and stopped, but parents should be careful about how they address it. The first thing you should do if you suspect bullying is talk to your child about what’s going on at school.

Dr. Jennifer Buchanan Walsh, a pediatrician at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says it’s important to be supportive of children’s concerns because bullying can have serious emotional effects. But don’t encourage the child to bully or hit back. Parents should also avoid directly confronting the bully or the bully’s family. Instead, if the bullying is happening at school, parents should talk to teachers and other school staff.


August 2010

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