Health Watch - Aging: Technology for Aging Eyes

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This week on Health Watch, we’ve been talking about some of the issues and challenges that come with growing older. Not only does age change your appearance, but it changes the way your body functions and raises your risks for some diseases. One thing that changes with age is eyesight. Aging eyes may make it difficult to read, but new technology is making things easier.

Older adults now have good reasons to embrace high technology. Dr. Yuguang He, an ophthalmologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says devices like computers, electronic readers or smart phones allow users to adjust the font size or even translate text to speech. Instead of having to find and then carry around bulky large-print books, senior readers can use electronic reader devices that allow them to customize the text size for easier reading. You can also adjust contrast on computer screens and download publications like newspapers and magazines or read them online.


November 2010

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