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A New Body: Breast Restructuring
A New Body: Fat Blasting
A New Body: Surgery for Teens
A New Body: Weight-loss Surgery
A Pleasing Face: Face Shape
A Pleasing Face: Fat Distribution
Best Face Forward: Face Shape
Best Face Forward: Laser Surgery
Diet Help: Beyond Weight Loss
Digestive Tract: Appendicitis
Emergency: Disaster Response
Emergency: Scars
Fit and Healthy: Exercise After Liposuction
Health at Home: Health on the Web
Healthy Aging: Dental Implants
Healthy Vision: Artificial Lenses
Healthy Vision: LASIK Surgery
High-Tech Medicine: Robot Surgery
High-Tech Medicine: Scarless Surgery
High-Tech Medicine: Surgical Skill
Looking Better: A Younger Face
Looking Better: Plastic Surgery Risks
Managing Weight: Weight Loss Surgery
New Technology: Implanted Lenses
Research Update: Hepatitis C Drug
Self Improvement: Bariatric Surgery
Stroke: Surgery Dangers
Stroke: Surgery vs. Stent
Stroke: Surgical Candidates
Surgery: Bellybutton Surgery
Surgery: Caring for Sutures
Surgery: Robot Surgeons
Surgery: Sleep in ICU
Surgery: Using Magnets
Surgical Advances: Robot Surgery
Surgical Advances: Robot Surgery
(Part 2)
Surgical Advances: Gamma Knife
Surgical Advances: Gamma Knife
(part 2)
Surgical Advances: A Team Approach
Surgical Healing
Technology: Robot Surgery
The Post-holiday Diet: Pre-surgery weight loss
Valentine's Day: Facing the Occasion
Weight Loss: Needing Surgery
Weight Loss: Simplifying Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery: Access
Weight Loss Surgery: After Liposuction
Weight Loss Surgery: Bariatric Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery: Liposuction
Weight Loss Surgery: Older Patients