Self-injectable facial fillers are a dangerous choice

People seeking a cut-rate fix to frown lines and wrinkles should be wary of self-injectable facial fillers offered on the Internet, plastic surgeons at UT Southwestern Medical Center warn.

“It is critical to seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to ensure that the material being injected is authentic, that the proper amount is being injected and that fillers are injected in the proper location to avoid unwanted consequences,” says Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel, vice chairman of plastic surgery at UT Southwestern.

Improper injection techniques or locations can lead to injection-site infections, droopy eyelids and filler material spreading to unwanted places on the face, among other effects, Dr. Kenkel notes.

“It ends up being far more expensive and problematic to fix complications when something goes wrong,” Dr. Kenkel says. “There are so many options – from skin care to laser treatments to injectable regimes – that will give you the appearance you want safely and cost-effectively. There’s no good reason to risk your health on unknown and potentially dangerous options.”

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Media Contact: Russell Rian

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