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Aging Issues: Arthritis Pain
Aging Issues: Pain Medicine and Your Stomach
Diabetes: It's in the Eyes
Diabetic Lipid Control
Donation and Transplants: Heart Failure
Early Intervention: Cholesterol Lowering
Early Intervention: Heart Attack
Early Intervention: High Blood Pressure
Emergency Medicine: CPR
Food Choices: Chocolate
Giving Back: CPR
Health Management: Blood Pressure
Health Management: Critical Numbers
Healthy New Habits: Monitor Your Cholesterol
Heart Disease: Aortic Grafts
Heart Disease: Bigger Bodies
Heart Disease: Hypertension
Heart Disease: Women
Heart Disease: Young People
Heart Month: Early Detection
Heart Month: Early Prevention
Heart Month: Helping Others
Heart Month: Transplant Alternative
Heart Month: Women
Heart Smarts: Amphetamines and the Heart
Heart Smarts: Belly Fat
Heart Smarts: Diagnostic Exams
Heart Smarts: Managing Blood Pressure
Heart Smarts: Potassium
Healthy Women: Chocolate
Healthy Women: Phases of Life
Heart Research: Aortic Valve Disease
Heart Research: Cholesterol Regulation
Heart Research: CPR
Heart Research: Heart Weight
Heart Research: Salt and Hypertension
Heart Study: Results
Heart Study: More Results
Heart Study: Taking Action
Heart Study: The Next Phase
Heart Survival: Automatic Defibrillators
Heart Survival: Beware Painkillers
Heart Survival: CPR (Part 1)
Heart Survival: CPR (Part 2)
Heart Survival: Symptoms
High Blood Pressure: The Age Factor
High Blood Pressure: Delaying Tactics
High Blood Pressure: Medication (part 1)
High Blood Pressure: Medication (part 2)
High Blood Pressure: Putting it Together
Men's Health: Heart Attack Response
Obesity Research: Fat in the Heart
Preventing Hypertension: Diet
Preventing Hypertension: Medical Intervention
Preventing Hypertension: Melons
Preventing Hypertension: Risk Factors
Preventing Hypertension: Salt
Prevention: Heart Attack
Research Roundup: Heat and Heart Failure
Self Improvement: Learn CPR
Special Populations: Carotid Artery Surgery
Special Populations: Blood Pressure
Stress: Letting It Go
Stress: Your Heart
Substance Abuse: Amphetamines and the Aorta
Substance Abuse: Amphetamines and Heart Attack
Surgical Advances: A Team Approach
Swimsuit Shape: Fat Around the Middle
Technology: Helping the Heart
Thanksgiving: Hypertension Tradeoffs
Weight Woes: Why Lose?

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