Health Watch- Valentine's Day: Serenade Preparation

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about getting ready for Valentine’s Day. The more ambitious — or talented — lovebirds may have plans to serenade their sweethearts. Dr. Ted Mau, a laryngologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Clinical Center for Voice Care, offers these tips to make sure you’re in fine voice:

Don’t smoke, and avoid smoky areas such as bars or smoking areas outside doorways, especially right before you sing. Don’t eat a big meal before you perform, and avoid caffeine or acidic foods such as chocolate or citrus, which may cause acid reflux. Perhaps you should schedule your serenade for before dinner. Clearing your throat can irritate your voice box. Take a sip of water instead when you feel like you need to clear your throat. Avoid alcohol, which can dry out your vocal cords. Stay hydrated to keep your vocal cords in good shape.

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February 2009

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