Health Watch - Seniors: Injuries

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about health concerns for senior adults. Falls become much more common after the age of 60, and they’re the leading cause of injury in older adults. However, Dr. Craig Rubin, chief of geriatrics at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says most falls can be prevented by taking simple precautions.

If you’ve had a fall or have lost your balance, Dr. Rubin says you should talk to your doctor about it, and try to remember the circumstances surrounding the fall. There could be a medical reason, such as low blood pressure, heart problems or vision problems. Also tell your doctor about any medicines you’re taking, including herbal preparations. A regular exercise class that helps you develop muscle strength and better balance can keep you steadier. Check your home for loose carpets, slippery spots, poor lighting or other hazards that could contribute to a fall.

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September 2009

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