Health Watch - Nutrition Month: Eating Green

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March is National Nutrition Month, so this week on Health Watch, we’ll offer a few simple tips to help you improve the way you eat. Eating a healthier diet isn’t just good for you. It can also be good for the planet.

Nutrition experts at UT Southwestern Medical Center say avoiding processed and packaged foods has both health and environmental benefits. Those foods are higher in fats and refined flours, in addition to using resources in manufacturing and packaging. Fresh foods are a better option. Meanwhile, you don’t have to become a vegetarian, but replacing beef with chicken, eggs or dried beans every so often can help lower your cholesterol while reducing your carbon footprint. Instead of wasting food or overeating, save leftovers when you cook at home or eat out and use them for another meal. Most restaurant meals contain at least double the recommended serving size of food. 

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March 2009

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