Health Watch - Holiday Preparation: Up on the Roof

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The holiday season is upon us, and this week on Health Watch, we’ll offer some tips on preparing for the holidays. Outdoor holiday light displays make the neighborhood look festive, but when you hang the lights, be sure to take safety precautions.

More than half a million people a year need medical treatment because of ladder-related injuries. Dr. Robert Bucholz, an orthopaedic surgeon at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says you can significantly lower your chances of injury by knowing how to properly set up and use a ladder. Place the ladder on a firm, level surface. Inspect the ladder and set it up properly. The ladder should be one foot from the wall for every four feet it rises. Don’t use the ladder as a seat between tasks. Instead of leaning to reach, move the ladder and your tools so you’re closer to your task.

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December 2009

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