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Alternative Medicine
An Anti-cancer Cocktail
Bacterial Communication
Dangerous Drugs: Avoiding Overdose
Dangerous Drugs: Drugs and Stroke
Dangerous Drugs: Risky Legal Drugs
Dangerous Drugs: Steroid Abuse
Dangerous Drugs: Unintended Effects
Depression Treatment: Adding Medications
Depression Treatment: Real World Studies
Fall Allergies: Medication
Fat: Obesity Drugs
Health at Home: Alzheimer's Disease Safety
Health at Home: Medication
Heartburn: Home Remedies
Heartburn: Medication
Heart Disease and African Americans
High Blood Pressure: Medication (part 1)
High Blood Pressure: Medication (part 2)
High Blood Pressure: Putting it Together
Manage Your Health: The First Visit
Manage Your Health: Your Records
Over the Counter: Allergy Medicine
Over the Counter: Hormonal Supplements
Over the Counter: Overdoses
Pain in the Head: Headache or Migraine?
Pain in the Head: Migraine Medication
Prevention: Liver Damage
Substance Abuse: Amphetamines and the Aorta
Substance Abuse: Amphetamines and Heart Attack
Substance Abuse: Cocaine and the Brain
Substance Abuse: Exercise as Treatment
Summer Allergies: Allergy Treatment
Summer Allergies: Medicine
Summer Allergies: Prescription Medicine
Summer Dangers: Allergies and Medications
Swimmer's Ear
Testing Drugs for Children
The Cold Season: Cold Medicine
The Nervous System: Cocaine Addiction
The Nervous System: Cocaine Cravings
The Nervous System: Epilepsy