Health Watch — Weathering Winter: Preventing Poisoning

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about weathering the rest of winter. Previously, we talked about the dangers and symptoms of carbon-monoxide poisoning, but it’s better to prevent it.

Dr. Kurt Kleinschmidt, a toxicologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says many cases of carbon-monoxide poisoning result from using poorly installed gas appliances, running gasoline-powered engines in garages, using gas-burning stoves to heat homes, or cooking with charcoal inside homes. To prevent carbon-monoxide poisoning, make sure heaters and gas-powered appliances are correctly installed and are working properly. Don’t use gas stoves or ovens to heat the home, and don’t use charcoal grills or other camping gear indoors. Don’t leave vehicles running in a closed garage or in a garage attached to the house.

To learn more about carbon-monoxide poisoning, visit our Health Library at,,P00479,00.html.


February 2008

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