Health Watch — The Right Fit: Bicycles

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about how important it is that things fit your child properly, whether it’s eyeglasses, shoes, medical treatments or sports gear.

Dr. Luis Palacios, a family practice physician at UT Southwestern Medical Center and also an avid cyclist, says improper fit between bicycle and rider can lead to injuries. A seat that’s too high can stress the back, while a seat that’s too low can stress the knees. If you’re getting your child’s bicycle out of storage after the winter, you should probably check to see how the bike fits now, since the child has probably grown the past few months. A good bicycle shop can make sure the bike is adjusted properly to fit its rider and can ensure that the bike is in proper working order before your child hits the streets that will help avoid accidents or injuries.


April 2008

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