Health Watch — Party Time: Drinking and Driving

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about enjoying the holiday party season. We’ve talked about opening a champagne bottle correctly, but the contents of the bottle are what can be really dangerous.

Dr. Kathleen Delaney, an emergency room physician at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says drunk-driving incidents tend to go up during the holiday party season when people are out at parties and decide it’s okay to drink and drive. She says if you’ve been drinking, remember that it’s cheaper to pay for a cab than to pay for an emergency room visit — or a funeral. You’ll notice impairment and coordination problems even below legal limits for driving, so if you plan to drink at a party, plan ahead to have a way of getting home by scheduling a cab or designating a driver. Even if you aren’t driving, try to space out your drinks and drink a non-alcoholic beverage between drinks so you won’t get dehydrated.

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December 2008

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