Health Watch — Party Time: Blood Sugar

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 This week on Health Watch, we’ve been talking about enjoying the holiday party season safely and with good health. There are a lot of reminders about the dangers of drinking and driving at this time of year, but people with diabetes also need to be aware of their blood sugar.

Joyce Barnett, a registered dietitian at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says even a slight drop in blood sugar can have serious consequences for someone who’s driving. Such a drop can affect reflexes and reaction times. It’s important not to skip meals or scheduled snacks if you’re on insulin, especially during this busy season when you might find yourself running from one activity to another, and then on to an evening party. You should keep handy some high-carbohydrate foods, such as non-diet sodas or hard candy, handy in case of a drop in blood sugar. Test your blood sugar 15 minutes after eating the sugary food.

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December 2008

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