Health Watch — Healthy Pregnancy: Miscarriage Signs

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about healthy pregnancies. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies result in a baby. One of the more common forms of miscarriage involves an egg that implants and gives all the signs of a pregnancy without actually developing into a fetus.

This condition is called a blighted ovum. Dr. Lisa Halvorson, an obstetrician-gynecologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says the placenta with the blighted ovum is what causes the signs of pregnancy – including a positive pregnancy test. This can be confusing for women who feel pregnant but who don’t actually have an embryo. Signs of a blighted ovum pregnancy include spotting and cramps, and an ultrasound will reveal that there is no embryo. The situation usually resolves itself as the body will either reabsorb or eject the uterine contents. If there’s heavy bleeding or infection, doctors will intervene. A blighted ovum doesn’t affect a woman’s future fertility.

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August 2008

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