Health Watch — Father's Day: Prostate Cancer Treatment

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about men’s health issues, in honor of Father’s Day. One of the best ways of fighting prostate cancer is with early detection, and if cancer is detected, there are new treatment options.

Doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center are testing a non-invasive method of targeting prostate tumors with focused doses of high radiation. The treatment involves five 30-minute sessions. Dr. Robert Timmerman, a UT Southwestern radiation oncologist, says most prostate cancer treatments have drawbacks, such as invasiveness or inconvenience. This treatment can be completed in a week and a half, which makes it ideal for people who can’t be away from their jobs for the length of time required by usual treatments, or for people in rural areas who don’t live near an academic medical center for ongoing treatment.

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June 2008

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