Health Watch — Eating Better: A Sample Diet

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This week on Health Watch, we’ve been talking about improving your diet to make sure you get proper nutrition. If you need ideas for how you can incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, Lona Sandon, a registered dietitian at UT Southwestern Medical Center, offers a sample diet for a day:

Add a banana and a half cup of orange juice to your breakfast. At lunch, have a side salad of leafy greens, carrots, cucumber and tomatoes and have an apple for dessert. At dinner, have a baked potato about the size of your fist and top it with salsa, then have a side dish of mixed vegetables. That’s more than five servings of fruits and vegetables in a day.

As a bonus, if you first focus on getting the proper number of servings of nutritious food, you’ll be less hungry for higher-calorie foods that are less nutritious.

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January 2008

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