Health Watch — Breast Cancer: Mammograms and Implants

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Researchers continue seeking new ways to detect, prevent and treat breast cancer. This week on Health Watch, we’ll talk about some of these findings. Mammograms are the primary tool for diagnosing breast cancer, but what if you have breast implants?

Dr. Phil Evans, director of the Center for Breast Care at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says implants do make mammograms more complicated, but that doesn’t mean women with implants should skip this important screening. An experienced technician will know how to get the best images, even with implants. It may require more views to get a full image, and reading the mammogram may be more difficult, so it’s important to choose a facility that has expertise in mammograms with implants. There is a slight risk of the implants rupturing during a mammogram, but the risk from cancer going undetected is much more dangerous.

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June 2008

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