Health Watch — At-Home Vacation: Breaking Routine

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about getting the mental and emotional benefits of a vacation in spite of high gas prices that may keep you at home this summer. Even if you can’t travel, your brain needs the time off.

Dr. Ann Matt Maddrey, a psychologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says a vacation isn’t just about rest and relaxation. It’s a break in routine that allows you to empty your mind so you’ve got room for new things. You can do that as well at home as you can in an exotic location. In fact, home can be a safe environment where you really relax. The important thing is to get away from the daily grind, see new things and be around different people. Look for events and attractions in your home town that you’ve never visited before, try new restaurants or new foods and otherwise do the kinds of things at home that you might do on vacation.

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June 2008

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