Health Watch — Weight Loss Surgery: After Liposuction

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about surgery to lose weight or shape the body. Previously, we discussed liposuction, which removes fat from problem areas. While the idea of sucking away excess fat from your thighs may be tempting, plastic surgeons at UT Southwestern Medical Center say liposuction doesn’t mean you don’t have to diet and exercise.

Even after liposuction, patients are more likely to gain weight if they don’t exercise and follow a healthy eating plan, while they’re more likely to lose weight after the surgery if they diet and exercise. Dr. Rod Rohrich, chairman of plastic surgery at UT Southwestern, says positive long-term results require diet and exercise. Liposuction isn’t a short-cut to weight loss, but rather an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle. 


November 2007

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