Health Watch — New Lives: Pregnancy and Blood Sugar

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about bringing new lives into the world and all the things that both doctors and new parents should keep in mind. Women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy know that they shouldn’t drink alcohol or smoke during pregnancy. But they may also need to monitor their blood sugar levels.

Dr. Philip Raskin, a diabetes expert at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says careful blood sugar control is essential for diabetic mothers-to-be. High blood sugar can cause birth defects, infants that are too large to be delivered naturally or premature birth. It can also cause blood pressure spikes in the mother, as well as increase the risk for other complications of diabetes. Women with diabetes who are pregnant need to check their blood sugar often, treat it quickly if it’s out of the desired range, take prescribed medication on time, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  


February 2007

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