Health Watch — Neurological Problems: Treating Migraine

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This week on Health Watch, we’ve been talking about conditions that affect the brain and nervous system. Migraine is a condition that causes severe headaches, along with other neurological symptoms. According to some recent research, the person to see to get rid of migraine problems may be a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Jeffrey Janis, a plastic surgeon at UT Southwestern Medical Center, helped pioneer a new technique that uses Botox — that injection used to fight wrinkles — to help fight migraine. Botox works to temporarily paralyze muscles, so doctors inject it into the muscles that may be compressing, irritating or entrapping nerves that trigger migraines. If an injection in a specific area stops or eases the headaches, doctors then can perform surgery on the targeted muscle. That may permanently stop the headaches or at least lessen their severity.


March 2007

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