Health Watch — Holiday Weight Gain: Planning for Parties

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about how to enjoy the holiday season without losing track of your healthy eating habits. Parties are a big part of the holidays, and who can resist all those tempting treats? You can enjoy the party without guilt in the morning if you go in with a plan.

Lona Sandon, a registered dietitian at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says one thing you shouldn’t do is starve yourself on the day of a big party to “save” calories. You’ll eat more if you’re hungry. Instead, eat sensibly the day of a party. At the party, socialize away from the buffet table so you won’t be tempted to mindlessly snack. Take moderate portions, and then get away from the food. After you finish eating, wait a while before going back for seconds because it can take a while for your brain to know you feel full. If it’s a potluck party, bring a nutritious, low-calorie dish so you’ll know there will be at least one thing there you can eat without guilt.


November 2007

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