Health Watch — Food Choices: Snacks

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about choosing the right foods for a nutritious diet. We tend to think of “snack” as a bad word when we’re trying to eat right. A “snack” sounds unhealthy because it generally involves foods that aren’t good for us, such as cookies, potato chips and soda, and because it can spoil our appetites for meals. However, a good snack can help keep you from getting so hungry you overeat later. Just snack on the right stuff.

Lona Sandon, a registered dietitian at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says there are a lot of nutritious snack options. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great choices, as are low-fat cheeses and yogurts and lean luncheon meats. You can even enjoy chips and dips. Just use baked chips and salsa instead of dips made with sour cream or cream cheese. Nuts are another nutritious snack choice. The key is to beware of portion sizes and eat a small amount instead of the whole package.


March 2007

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