Health Watch — Dangerous Drugs: Drugs and Stroke

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Drugs can save lives when they treat diseases, but there are also drugs that can cause harm. Even safe drugs may have unintended effects, and they can cause harm if used improperly. This week on Health Watch, we’ll talk about some dangerous drugs.

Illegal drugs are particularly dangerous, and researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have pinpointed one life-threatening risk. Using cocaine or amphetamines — especially methamphetamines — significantly raises your chance of having a stroke. Doctors are concerned that with drug use on the rise among young adults, there may also be more strokes among young adults. Dr. Robert Haley, a UT Southwestern epidemiologist, says many young people mistakenly believe that using meth is “safe,” so they need to be aware that their drug use makes them up to five times more likely to have a stroke.


May 2007

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