Health Watch -- Holiday Prep: Travel

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This week on Health Watch, we’re offering some tips for a safe and healthy holiday season. If your holiday plans involve travel or having guests, some preparation will make it a happier holiday for everyone. Dr. Robert Wiebe, chief of pediatric emergency medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says grandparents expecting young guests need to childproof their homes. Use cabinet locks where dangerous chemicals are stored, put covers on electrical outlets and make sure swimming pool areas are secured. Keep medications out of reach of little hands — especially if you don’t use child-proof containers. Supervise children around pets. Even friendly pets may become anxious and excited when normal routines are disrupted and when there are unfamiliar people around.

If you’re flying with children who weigh less than 40 pounds, it’s recommended that you use a safety seat when flying. You’ll also need it in rental cars.


December 2006

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