Health Watch -- Fun in the Sun: Skin Protection

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The weather is warming up, and summer is right around the corner. It's time to get ready for fun in the sun. This week on Health Watch we'll offer some tips to help make your summer fun safe.

After the winter, it's good to feel the sun on your skin. But Dr. Stan Taylor, a dermatologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, says you need to retrain yourself to feel unease when you feel the sun. Then you need to seek shade or make sure you've got sunscreen on. At this time of year, people change their routines to spend more time outdoors, and that increases their sun exposure. People with fair skin need to be especially careful. Protect yourself by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen throughout the day and by limiting your time outdoors during the middle of the day when the sun's rays are strongest.  


May 2006

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