Health Watch -- Fall Allergies

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Ragweed, fungus, cedar and other allergens can turn fall into a rough time of year for allergy sufferers. This week on Health Watch, we'll talk about allergies and other sensitivities and how to cope with them. Dr. David Khan, an allergist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, offers some tips for avoiding allergens that cause sniffling, sneezing and sinus headaches.

Although crisp autumn air makes it tempting to open windows, Dr. Khan says it's better for allergy sufferers to keep windows closed and use the air conditioner to filter allergens out of the air. If you do yard work, wear a mask so you won't breathe in too many of those allergens. After spending time outdoors, you should take a shower before going to bed. Your hair acts like a magnet for pollen, and the pollen may transfer to your pillow, exposing you to pollen throughout the night.


October 2006

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