Health Watch -- Emergency Medicine: New Approaches (Part 1)

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While we'd prefer not to need them, emergency medical personnel and treatment centers are often essential to saving lives when seconds count. They deal with sudden life-threatening illnesses, such as heart attacks and strokes, and they treat serious injuries. This week on Health Watch, we'll look at some emergency medical situations and how they might be treated.

While doctors have honed techniques that are effective for saving lives in emergencies, they're constantly looking for ways to improve treatment. Medical centers across the United States and Canada, including UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, are beginning a major study of new treatments that could improve emergency care and help save lives. Dr. Ahamed Idris, a UT Southwestern emergency medicine expert, says the study will not only help find new treatments, but it will also improve care as medical personnel in participating areas receive additional training and resources.


July 2006

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