Health Watch -- What Is "Healthwatch"?

Health Watch is a Public Service of the Office of News and Publications and is intended to provide general information only and should not replace the advice of a medical professional. You should contact your physician if you have questions about any of these topics.

As "Healthwatch" heads into its 25th year, we're going to observe the anniversary by going behind the scenes. "Healthwatch" is the longest-running medical radio program in the United States. We bring you five stories a week on health, medicine and medical research.

"Healthwatch" is a public service provided by The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. With five minute-long programs a week, we can't replace the kind of medical advice you get from your doctor. What we try to do is keep you up to date on health issues that could affect you and inform you about medical research that may affect health care in the future. We also try to provide common sense tips you can use to keep yourself and your family healthier. We hope you'll use "Healthwatch" to help you think of questions to ask your doctor and to help you be a more active participant in managing your health.

Next on "Healthwatch," we'll talk about the sources behind the stories.


Nov. 2004

Health Watch is heard Monday through Friday nationwide on the "Stardust" format of ABC Satellite Radio. Call your local radio station and ask if they carry the program.