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Health Watch is a Public Service of the Office of News and Publications and is intended to provide general information only and should not replace the advice of a medical professional. You should contact your physician if you have questions about any of these topics.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center brings you "Healthwatch" every week. Where do we get the information behind "Healthwatch"?

U-T Southwestern is at the forefront of biomedical research in a number of fields that directly affect your health. For instance, we often talk about nutrition. U-T Southwestern's Center for Human Nutrition, led by Dr. Scott Grundy, has taken a leadership role in researching cholesterol and heart disease, as well as symptoms related to metabolic syndrome, including diabetes. U-T Southwestern trains doctors to treat diseases affected by nutrition, instructs scientists studying nutrition and teaches dietitians to help patients plan diets to improve their health.

U-T Southwestern has also played a leading role in mineral metabolism research, covering such topics as kidney stones and osteoporosis. Other U-T Southwestern research centers focus on cancer, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, pain management and spinal cord injuries, among many others.


Nov. 2004

Health Watch is heard Monday through Friday nationwide on the "Stardust" format of ABC Satellite Radio. Call your local radio station and ask if they carry the program.