Health Watch -- Prep for Cold Weather

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The trek from home to work usually involves minimal exposure to outside temperatures- so do you really need to wear a coat? Yes, say doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Getting caught in the cold without a coat could put you in danger of hypothermia.

Doctors say you should be prepared to spend an hour in the cold whenever you leave the house in the winter, even for a quick errand. What if you have car trouble or get into an accident? Don't leave home without a coat in the car during the winter, even if it's a nice day. The weather has a way of changing suddenly in wintertime. You may be glad you have that coat if a cold front blows through.

For trips, where an unexpected event could leave you out in the cold for a long time, you should take along some blankets, a flashlight and water.


Dec. 2004

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