Health Watch -- Holiday Tip #1 - Alcohol

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The holiday season has begun, and this week on "Healthwatch," we'll help you get ready.

One thing doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas say you should think about in this festive season is alcohol. Eggnog, punch and champagne all abound at holiday parties, which means the number of alcohol-related car crashes increases dramatically at this time of year. While legal blood alcohol levels vary by state, UT Southwestern doctors say you may be impaired at a level of 0.05. A 120-pound woman can come close to that level with just one glass of beer. Cab fare is a lot less expensive than a hospital bill or even the insurance deductible on car repairs, so don't drive if you've been drinking.
One other caution about alcohol: Don't leave alcoholic drinks or punches laced with alcohol where children can reach them. Alcohol consumption can cause a child's blood sugar levels to drop dangerously.


Dec. 2004

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