Health Watch – Holiday Time: Safe Kids

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This week on "Healthwatch," we've got advice to help you make this a safe, healthy holiday season. Children are often at the center of family celebrations, so it's important to make sure they're in a safe environment. Doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas say that the hustle and bustle of a family gathering may make adults less likely to notice if a child is in danger.

Keep anything small enough to fit in a toddler's mouth - such as ornaments or small lights - out of reach. Also be careful about candles and scented oil lamps. Oils that smell like food can be dangerous even if they're not lit because children may try to eat them. Grandparents or other relatives hosting small children should take a moment to child- proof their homes. Make sure medications are locked up and don't forget about medicines kept in easy-to-reach places like purses.

Next on "Healthwatch" we'll talk about safe toys. 
Dec. 2004