Health Watch

Injury: Retraining the Brain

When the brain is damaged by traumatic injury or stroke, it has to compensate for the damaged neural networks, but that takes a lot of training. Read More

Injury: Eye Injury

Accidental eye injuries are a major cause of blindness and visual impairment, but these injuries are very easy to prevent. Read More

Injury: Preventing Scars

If you properly care for minor injuries like cuts and scrapes, you can reduce your chances of infection, help speed healing and prevent scarring. Read More

Injury: Amputation

Thanks to medical advances, serious injuries that once might have been debilitating can now be treated so that victims are more likely to recover without long-term disability. Read More

Childbirth: Home Birth

Some women like the idea of giving birth at home in a nurturing, non-clinical environment, but doing this requires planning – and it isn’t for everyone. Read More

Childbirth: Fetal Monitoring

A cesarean delivery can save the life of an infant who is too weak or stressed to endure a natural birth, but unnecessary C-sections can put the mother at risk. Read More

Childbirth: Delaying Labor

The closer a fetus comes to term, the better its chances. Medicine can help prevent premature labor, but that can be costly. Read More