EMS journal recognizes Idris as innovator

Dr. Ahamed Idris
Dr. Ahamed Idris

The Journal for Emergency Medicine Services has recognized Dr. Ahamed Idris, Professor of Surgery and Internal Medicine, as one of the top 10 innovators of emergency services. The honor is bestowed upon the most devoted, innovative, and visionary people working in EMS today.

“Each winner was selected because of his or her drive to impact the providers, patients and communities they serve in a way that moves EMS to a higher standard of care and compassion,” the JEMS announcement said. 

Dr. Idris was recognized for his ongoing work with the Resuscitations Outcome Consortium and for his clinical trials that have changed the way chest compressions are administered. His research has resulted in new knowledge of a chest compression rate “sweet spot,” which has altered the way first responders deliver lifesaving care.