$387,338 — State Employee Charitable Fund Campaign campus donations hit record mark

The people of UT Southwestern gave back to the community in a big way in the recently completed State Employee Charitable Campaign, donating a record $387,338.

Former Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams acknowledges the crowd during a visit to campus recently. Dr. Gordon Green welcomed Mr. Williams, who visited the campus twice to emphasize to UT Southwestern employees the importance of giving and volunteering.

Charitable agencies benefited, as did their clients and patients, at a time of severe economic downturn when human needs are receiving more attention.

Dr. Gordon Green, campaign chairman on the UT Southwestern campus, acknowledged that the campaign fell slightly short of its goal; he pointed instead to the record amount raised in the face of difficult economic times.

“When UT Southwestern planned for this year’s campaign, the mortgage crisis had yet to be realized, and the Dow Jones industrial average was over 11,000,” said Dr. Green, professor of family and community medicine. “By the time the campaign began to take off a few months later, the economy was plummeting.

"Although potential donors became aware of their evaporating retirement funds and no doubt took careful note of their discretionary income, we are delighted that they still made it a point to participate.”

The worsening economic situation means even greater demands for the goods and services of charitable agencies, and those needs are greater than they have been in decades.

In response, the UT Southwestern community gave generously, with one-time gifts and payroll deductions, Dr. Green reported. Of the contributors, 12 percent were Leadership Givers, with donations of $1,000 or more. Contributors were able to direct their contributions toward any of more than 400 charitable agencies.

Dr. Green expressed the thanks of the many people who will benefit from the generosity.

“Clearly, the spirit of caring is alive and well at UT Southwestern,” he said. “We’re grateful to all those contributors who, often at some sacrifice to themselves, chose to join with their colleagues in this strong expression of support for the community that has supported us so well.”

— Lin Lofley