June Grants

Federal Grants

Abhimanyu, G., NIH, Phase II Study of Cholic Acid for Hepatic Steatosis in Lipodystrophy Patients, $202,256; Adinoff, B., NIH, Stress, HPA Axis Dysfunction, and Relapse in Alcoholism, $44,973; Atkins, J., NIH/Tufts Med. Ctr. Research Admin., Early EMS and ED Use of GIK for ACS: The Immediate Trial, $40,089; Baker, L., NIH, Insulin-3 in Human Testicular Disease and as a Therapeutic Agent, $181,198; Blount, P., NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of Mechanosensitive Channel Gating, $196,043.

Brown, E.S., NIH, Quetiapine for Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol Dependence, $227,742; Brown, M., NIH, Medical Scientist Training Program at UT Southwestern, $692,139; Browning, J., NIH, Nonalcoholic Fatty-Liver Disease Ethnicity and Hepatic Metabolism, $122,750; Buchanan, G., NIH, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Research, $230,773; Chen, Z., NIH, Mechanisms of Ubiquitin-Mediated Activation of IKK, $179,681.

Chiang, C., NIH, E2-Cellular Complexes in HPV Chromatin Transcription, $174,939; Chuang, D., NIH, Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Cell Culture, $237,895; Cooper, D., NIH, Pathway-Specific, Ecstasy-Induced Plasticity of Excitability in the Subiculum, $50,000; Corey, D., NIH, Recognition of Chromosomal DNA by Peptide Nucleic Acids, $156,451; DeBerardinis, R., NIH, Metabolic Regu­lation in Growth Factor-Dependent Cells, $125,000.

Eisch, A., NIH, Role of Adult Neurogenesis in Cocaine Addiction and Relapse, $27,934, (Noonan, M., fellow); Falck, J., NIH/Med. Coll. of Wisc., Microvessel O2 Responses in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension, $12,679; Garcia-Martinez, J.V., NIH, Nef Function, $252,608; Gardner, K., NIH, Molecular Biophysics Predoctoral Training Pro­gram, $93,088; Gazdar, A., NIH, Novel Reagents and New Biomarkers for Lung Cancer, $268,220.

Girard, L., NIH/Vanderbilt Univ. Med. Ctr., Molecular Signatures in Lung Cancer, $53,183; Gumbo, T., NIH, PK-PD of Combination Antituberculosis Therapy of Suppression of Drug Resistance, $442,007; Hardy, R., NIH/UTHSC San Antonio, Project 1 — Novel Mycoplasma pneumoniae Toxin as Mediator of Airway Dysfunction in Mice, $17,697; Hilgemann, D., NIH, Function and Regu­lation of Cardiac Na Transporters, $213,341; Hill, J., NIH, Hypothalamic Leptin and Insulin Signals Aligning Metabolic State and Fertility, $80,525.

Hofmann, S., NIH, Molecular Basis of Infantile NCL, $219,267; Holmstrom, S., NIH, Fibroblast Growth Factor Regu­la­tion in the Pancreas, $49,646; Johnson, M., NIH/UTHSC San Antonio, Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes (SPS3), $48,571; Kozel, F., NIH, Inves­ti­gating Neurocircuitry of Geriatric Depression, $156,200; Kublaoui, B., NIH, Role of Sim 1 in Hyperphagic Obesity, $114,515.

Levine, B., NIH/NSBRI, Team Leadership Application: Cardiovascular Alterations, $55,784; Li, W., NIH, Photo-Activatable Fluorophores and Tech­niques for Biological Imaging Appli­cations, $174,780; Lynch, K., NIH, Coordination of Inducible Alternative Splicing Networks in Human T-Cells, $195,000; McKearin, D., NIH, Germ Cell Differentiation in Drosophila, $225,000; Minna, J., NASA, Lung Cancer Patho­genesis and HZE Particle Exposure, $636,943.

Niederkorn, J., NIH, Immunological Modulation of Ocular Tumor Metastases, $182,955; North, C., NIH, Psycho­edu­cation of HCV and Alcohol Behaviors, $20,895; Nwariaku, F., NIH, Training in Trauma, Inflammation, Sepsis and Critical Care, $174,311; Ramilo, O., NIH/Baylor Research Inst., Human Dendritic Cells and In Vivo Immunity to Biothreat/ Education, $5,590; Ramilo, O., NIH/Baylor Research Institute, Human Dendritic Cells and In Vivo Immunity to Biothreat/Project $3,107,338.

Scherer, P., NIH, Adiponectin and Cardiovascular Disease in the CKiD Children, $45,675; Skinner, C., NIH/ Indiana Univ., Promoting Breast Cancer Screening via Computer V Phone, $29,117; Skinner, C., NIH/Indiana Univ., Promoting Colon Cancer Screening Among African Americans, $16,535; Smith, S., NIH, Mechanisms of Exercise Pressor Reflex Overactivity in Hypertension, $250,000; Simmons, D. NIH, Role of MOR1 Up-Regulation in Relapse to Cocaine Seeking, $31,522.

Sperandio, V., NIH, Regulation of EHEC Virulence Genes by QseA and Small RNA Molecules, $49,646, (Kendall, M., fellow); Sperandio, V., NIH, A1-3 Inhibitors as Treatment for Bacterial Infections, $1,015,199; Tamminga, C., NIH, Bipolar and Schizophrenia Consortium for Parsing Intermediate Phenotypes, $423,847; Tamminga, C., NIH, Basic Science Training Program in the Neurobiology of Mental Illness, $189,567; Thompson, L., NIH/Natl. Network of Libraries of Med., Health Literacy Outreach to the General Public and Health Care Professionals, $11,818; Trivedi, M., NIH, REVAMP Follow-Up, $40,782.

Wang, J., NIH/Univ. of Calif., Davis, AMBER Force Field Consortium, $45,478; White, M., NIH, Deriving Combi­natorial Strategies for Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer, $140,000; White, M., NIH, Components of Ras-Mediated Growth Control, $1,094.

Nonfederal Grants

Auchus, R., March of Dimes Fndtn., Mechanism and Physiology of Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenases, $60,367; Buszczak, M., AHA, Systematic Characterization of Histone Deacetylase Function in Drosophila Stem Cells, $63,636; Claassen, C., Timberlawn Research Fndtn., When Do Family Relationships Fail to Protect Against Self-Harm During Suicidal Crises, $39,625; Clegg, D., Amer. Inst. for Cancer Research, Dietary Restriction, Meal Anticipation and Mammary Tumor Formation, $23,255.

Debose-Boyd, R., AHA, Mechanistic Studies on the Sterol-Accelerated Degra­da­tion of HMG CoA Reductase from ER Membranes, $40,000 (Hartman, I., fellow); Garcia, C., AHA, Charac­terization of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Associated With Telomerase Mutations, $63,636; Garcia, J., AHA, Molecular Mechanisms Dictating En­vi­ronmental Stimulus-Specific HIF Signaling, $63,636; Garg, V., March of Dimes Fndtn., The Role of GATA4 in Congenital Heart Disease, $65,673.

Goldberg, M., Parkinson’s Disease Fndtn., Parkin, DJ-1 and Antioxidant-Deficient Mouse Models of PD, $50,000; Goldberg, M., Amer. Parkinson Disease Assn., Parkin, DJ-1 and Glutathione Peroxidase-Deficient Mouse Models of PD, $50,000; Herz, J., AHA, Protection From Atherosclerosis by LRP-1 Role of Tyrosine Phosporylation at Residue 63 in the Cytoplasmic Tail of LRP-1, $46,000 (Zhou, L., fellow); Hu, M., AHA, Protection Against Cardiovascular Calci­fication in Chronic Kidney Disease by Klotho, $63,636.

Kublaoui, B., AHA, Mechanisms of Hyperphagic Obesity Due to Sim 1 Haploinsufficiency, $63,636; Jiang, Q., AHA, Structural Basis for the Ligand-Gating of an Inositol 1,4,5-Triphosphate Receptor, $63,636; Lin, F., AHA, Induction of Renal Cells From Hema­topoietic Cells to Treat Acute Kidney Injury, $63,636; Lu, H., AHA, Quantitative Measurement of Spinal Cord Perfusion in Humans Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, $63,636.

Lutter, M., NARSAD, Involvement of the Melanocortin System in Major Depressive Disorder, $30,000; Mac­Donald, R., Natl. Pancreas Fndtn., New Insights Into the Embryonic Development of the Acinar Pancreas, $49,915; Mohan, C., Arthritis Fndtn., Molecular Genetics of Glomerular Crescent Formation, $50,000; Monteggia, L., NARSAD, BDNF-Dependent Regulation of 5-HT Receptor Function: Implications for Antidepressant Action Linking BDNF Signaling to 5-HT Receptor Function, $30,000.

Olsen, E., AHA, Adult Human Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells for Myo­cardial Regeneration, $120,000 (Sadek, H., fellow); Ramilo, O., Meningitis Research Fndtn., Transcriptional Signatures for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Assessment of Disease Severity in Bacterial Meningitis, $70,000; Rizo-Rey, J., AHA, Structural Analysis of Mune13-1 Functioning Neurontransmitter Release, $40,000 (Xu, Y., fellow); Roland, P., Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Electrophysiological and Speech Out­come Measures for the Evaluation of Cochlear Implantees, $10,240 (Talaat, M., fellow).

Rosen, M., AHA, Systematic Identi­fication and Characterization of Binding Ligands and Activators of the WAVE Regulatory Complex, $38,000; Seemann, J., AHA, Regulation of SREBP and ATF6 Activation by the Golgi Apparatus During Mitosis, $63,636; Shaul, P., AHA, Structure-Function Characterization of Cholesterol Binding and Homo-Dimerization by the HDL Receptor SR-BI, $40,000 (Saddar, S., fellow); Sumer, B., Amer. Acad. of Otolaryngology, Functionalized Nanotubular Particles for Targeted Cancer Imaging, $22,728.

Tansey, M., Michael J. Fox Fndtn. for Parkinson’s Research, Dopaminergic Neuroprotection by RGS10, $100,000; Thomas, P., Cystic Fibrosis Fndtn., Understanding the Structural Role of NBD1 in the Folding Mechanism of CFTR, $45,800 (Richardson, J., fellow); Umetani, M., AHA, Crosstalk Between Liver X Receptor and Estrogen Receptor in Vascular Function, $63,636; Yanagisawa, H., March of Dimes Fndtn., Genetic Dissection of HAND Genes during Neural Crest Development In Vivo, $83,030.

Yanagisawa, H., AHA, Fibulin-5 Modulates Integrin-Mediated Signaling and Alters Microenvironment of the Vascular Wall, $63,636; Yu, H., March of Dimes Fndtn., The Spindle Checkpoint and Female Meiosis: Regulation of the Bub1 Protein Kinase, $69,206.

Pharmaceutical studies, dollar amounts not available

Brown, E., Study Drug in the Treatment of Outpatients With Severe Asthma and Moderate or Severe Major Depressive Disorder: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial; Dowell, J., A Phase II Trial of Combined Study Drugs in Untreated Malignant Mesothelioma; Fayiga, Y., A Randomized, Controlled, Phase 3 Study of Study Device in General Surgical Subjects at Higher Risk for Surgical Wound Infection; He. Y., A Randomized, Double-Masked, Active-Controlled, Phase III Study of the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of Repeated Doses of Intravitreal Study Drug in Subjects With Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Hutchison, M., A Four-Year, Open-Label, Multicenter, Randomized, Two-Arm Study of Study Drug in Idiopathic Short-Stature Patients: Comparing an Individualized, Target-Driven Treatment Regimen to Standard Dosing; Kenkel, J., A Clinical Study Evaluating Subject Satisfaction of Obagi Condition and Enhance System for Use With Non­surgical Procedures Compared With a Standard Skin-Care Regimen in Subjects Who Have Received Upper Face Injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox Cosmetic); Lotan, Y., A Phase II, Open-Label Study to Investigate the Pharmacodynamics and Clinical Activity of Study Drug in Patients With Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Stratified by Prior Chemotherapy; Olsen, N., The Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Activity Gene Expression Study.

Rockey, D., A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Study Drug in Patients With Portal Hypertension; Rosen, S., A Randomized, Double-Blind, Paired-Comparison of the Effect of Study Ointment on Healing and Scarring Characteristics of 600µm Dermatome Wounds; Vernino, S., A Multicenter, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group, Withdrawal-Design Study to Assess the Clinical Effect of Study Drug in Subjects With Primary Autonomic Failure, Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase Deficiency or Non-Diabetic Neuropathy and Symptomatic Neuro­genic Orthostatic Hypotension.

Vernino, S., A Multicenter, Open-Label Study, With a Two-Week Randomized, Placebo-Controlled With­drawal Period, to Assess the Long-Term Safety and Clinical Benefit of Study Drug in Subjects With Primary Autonomic Failure, Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase Deficiency or Non-Diabetic Neuropathy and Symptomatic Neurogenic Ortho­static Hypotension; Zellers, T., Closure of Muscular Ventricular Septal Defects With the Amplatzer® Muscular VSD Occluder-Post Approval Study.