November 2008 Grants

Federal Grants

Albanesi, J., NIH, Type II PI 4-Kinases in Cell Signaling, $190,000; Bezprozvanny, I., NIH, HTS Screen for Small Molecule Inhibitors of Mint-PDZ Domain, $15,923; Bezprozvanny, I., NIH, Deranged Calcium Signaling and Polyglutamine Expansion Disorders, $196,875; Carr, B., NIH, Female Contraceptive Clinical Trial: A Multicenter, Open-Label Trial on the Efficacy, Cycle Control and Safety of a Contraceptive Vaginal Ring Delivering a Daily Dose of Nestrone and Ethinyl Estradiol, $117,881; Cleaver, O., JDFR/ Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem, Vascular Signals in Pancreas Development and Beta-Cell Differentiation, $120,454.


Cobb, M., NIH, MAP Kinase in Islet Function, $162,729; Emslie, G., NIH, Child Psychiatry Research Education Program (C-Prep), $141,426; Frankel, H., NIH/Washington Univ., Establishing The Ethical Framework for Critical Care Genetics, $57,258; Gazdar, A., NIH, Novel Reagents and New Biomarkers for Lung Cancer, $275,147; Idris, A., NIH/Univ. of Wash., ROC Protocols, $298,998.

Kernie, S., NIH/Univ. of Miami, Miller School of Med., Ephrins Regulate Stem-Cell Proliferations Following TBI, $32,964; Kodadek, T., NIH, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Proteomics Initiative, $1,251,241; Mahony, L., NIH/ New England Research Inst., Pediatric Heart Disease Clinical Research Network, $51,776; Mangelsdorf, D., NIH/Baylor Coll. of Med., Nuclear Receptors and Co-regulators in Health and Disease, $108,000; Okada, P., NIH/Children’s Research Inst., EMSC Targeted Issues Grant, $42,979.

Otwinowski, Z., NIH/Argonne Natl. Lab., Midwest Center for Structural Genomics – Sub-Project #4. $165,524; Parker, K., NIH, Steroidogenic Factor 1: Mediator of Gonadal Function, $33,814; Scherer, P., Duke Univ. Medical Center, Novel Pathways to Expansion of Functional Beta Cell Mass, $50,000; Paulk, E., NIH/Dana Farber Cancer Inst., UMB/ DFHCC Comprehensive Cancer Partnership Program: Pilot Racial Disparities in Cancer at the End of Life, $20,980; Russell, D., NIH/Univ. of Calif., San Diego, LIPID Maps, $328,922.

Tamminga, C., NIH/Univ. of Md., Baltimore, Bipolar & Schizophrenia Consortium for Parsing Intermediate Phenotypes, $5,500; Wolfe, G., NIH/Univ of Ala., Birmingham, Thymectomy in Non-Thymomatous MG Patients on Prednisone, $23,016.

Nonfederal Grants

Cuthbert, J., UT Systems, Just Ask, $215,000; Elmquist, J., Amer. Diabetes Assn., Central Mechanisms for Serotonin-Induced Regulation of Energy and Glucose Homeostasis, $45,000; Maher, E., Brain Tumor Soc., Identification of the Molecular Signature of Progressive Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma, $100,000.

Rubin, C., Donald W. Reynolds Fndtn., Comprehensive Programs to Strengthen Physicians Training in Geriatrics, $425,760; Yanagisawa, H., Natl. Marfan Fndtn., Investigation of the Potential Role of Fibulin-4 in the Pathogenesis of Marfan Syndrome, $50,000.

Pharmaceutical studies, dollar amounts not available

Barton, T., A Phase II, Open-Label Trial to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability and Antiviral Activity of Study Drug in Antiretroviral Experience of HIV-1-Infected Children and Adolescents; Gerber, D., A Randomized Phase 2 Study of Erlotinib Plus Study Drug vs. Erlotinib Plus Placebo in Previously Treated Patients With Locally Advanced or Metastatic Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer; Hutchison, M., Combination Therapy in Children With Short Stature Associated With IGF-1 Deficiency: A Three-Year, Randomized, Multicenter, Open-Label, Parallel-Group, Active-Treatment-Controlled, Dose-Selection Trial; Joglar, J., Optim Lead Insulation Material Registry.

Klemow, S., An International, Multicenter, Prospective, Observational Study of the Safety of Study Drug Used With Optimized Background Therapy in Treatment-Experienced HIV-1 Infected Patients; Nesbitt, S., A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Five-Arm Titration Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Study Drug When Compared With Valsartan and Olmesartan in Subjects With Essential Hypertension; Olsen, N., A Nutritional Supplement Study to Determine Dose of Study Drug When Used in Osteoarthritis Subjects.

Schiller, J., Randomized Phase 2 Trial of Study Drug or Bevacizumab in Combination With Paclitaxel and Carboplatin as First-Line Treatment for Patients With Advanced Small-Cell Lung Cancer.