Rubin ‘honored’ as Seldin College leader

By Lin Lofley

When Dr. Gary Reed, Chief Quality Officer of UT Southwestern University Hospitals & Clinics and former Master of Seldin College, became Headmaster of the medical school’s six Academic Colleges recently, one of the first things he and the selection committee had to do was to identify the next Seldin College leader.

It wasn’t long before Dr. Craig Rubin, Director of the Mildred Wyatt and Ivor P. Wold Center for Geriatric Care, and a Mentor in Estabrook College, emerged from a long list of qualified candidates. 

Craig Rubin, M.D.
Craig Rubin, M.D.

“He was an easy choice as a College Master for the selection committee,” said Dr. Reed, Professor of Internal Medicine. “He is an excellent clinician role model and has been committed to excellence in medical education his entire career.”

The appointment of Dr. Rubin, a UT Southwestern faculty member since 1985, continues a connection that dates back to his earliest days on campus.

“Dr. Seldin was my department chair when I first came here,” recalled Dr. Rubin, Professor of Internal Medicine, “and Dr. Reed was the division chief who recruited me to the faculty. So I am very honored to be appointed a Colleges Master, but in particular to have been selected by Dr. Reed as the Seldin College Master.”

Dr. Rubin has been an enthusiastic participant in the Academic Colleges since the program was initiated in 2006.

“I jumped at the chance to participate when the Colleges first started, and I haven’t been disappointed,” he said. “It seems to me that the opportunity to be a College Mentor strikes at the core purpose of being a medical school faculty member.”

Dr. Rubin, who graduated from New Jersey Medical School in 1982, said that the UT Southwestern model has a strong impact on students and participating faculty. The medical school’s Academic Colleges are small learning communities that bring together faculty members with small groups of students so that the students can observe and mirror the clinical skills, behaviors, and attitudes of a highly experienced physician. The faculty members act as mentors for the students, guiding them in clinical medicine and reasoning, interpersonal and communication skills, ethics, professionalism, and human behavior. Each college has a Master, who leads a team of mentors.

Medical students are assigned to one of the Colleges on their first day of medical school and remain in that College for all four years of their education. The Colleges – Cary, Estabrook, Fashena, Pritchard, Seldin, and Sprague – are named after prestigious faculty members and add clinical experiences and a doctoring course early in the curriculum. During their first two years, students meet weekly with faculty members in their College group.

“Today, many medical schools have similar small teaching groups” Dr. Rubin said. “They may meet for brief periods of time, but our Academic College system is much more comprehensive, meeting weekly for the first two years spanning topics from ethics and professionalism to performing the medical history and exam and more.”

Seldin College is named for Dr. Donald Seldin, Chairman Emeritus and Professor of Internal Medicine, who arrived at UT Southwestern in 1951 and was among a core group of leaders who created the climate that allowed the medical center to attract top clinicians and researchers. For 36 years, he was Chairman of Internal Medicine. When he stepped down in 1988, an endowed distinguished chair was created in his name to honor his lifelong commitment to excellence and his profound impact on UT Southwestern and its students.

Even today, he continues to be active in teaching and writing. He has trained thousands of medical school students and residents, and many of those whom he trained now hold high academic positions.


Dr. Reed holds the S.T. Harris Family Distinguished Chair in Internal Medicine, named in Dr. Reed’s honor, the (Katy Sinor and Kay Pritchard) Professorship in Medical Education Honoring Donald W. Seldin, M.D.;  and the Eva A. Rosenthal Professorship in Internal Medicine, named in Dr. Reed’s honor.

Dr. Rubin holds the Margaret and Trammell Crow Distinguished Chair in Alzheimer’s and Geriatric Research, the Seymour Eisenberg Distinguished Professorship in Geriatric Medicine, and the Walsdorf Professorship in Geriatrics Research.

Dr. Seldin is a UT System Professor in Internal Medicine and holds the William Buchanan Chair in Internal Medicine.