Preparation, communication, and celebration support fast-approaching hospital opening

Throughout the UT Southwestern campus, work is underway to support the opening of the new William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. The activities range from preparation for the startup of operations, to a growing drumbeat of communication about the new hospital, to plans for celebrations to thank the people who made this milestone possible.


To prepare for the big move, caregivers and staff are engaged in a variety of activities to become familiar with the new facility and their role in it. In addition to “Match Day”, a series of “Day-in-the-Life” events will happen in the fall, serving as dry runs for operating the new hospital. “These events, as well as thorough communication and training, will help ensure that we have a seamless transition,” said Becky McCulley, Chief Operations Officer for UT Southwestern University Hospitals.


A centerpiece for communicating about the hospital is a new website that debuted in April, at With hospital construction now 92 percent complete, the website provides patients, families, referring physicians, and the community a glimpse inside the new 460-room hospital, including:

  • Hospital Highlights: Provides a look at the hospital’s unique “W” shaped design, patient rooms, technology, surgical suites, and more.
  • An Image Gallery: Offers a collection of architectural renderings, a live webcam documenting the ongoing construction progress, and videos.
  • A Stay Connected Option: Enables visitors to join an electronic mailing list to receive updates about construction and other news.
  • Ways to Give: Allows visitors to contribute to the new hospital.

Along with the hospital website, UT Southwestern will continue communicating in a variety of ways – through our publications, other UTSW websites, social media, the press, advertising, events, and special initiatives, just to name a few.


Planning is underway for events near the hospital’s opening for a variety of groups, including UT Southwestern employees, members of the area community, and donors. “We want to thank the people who contributed to the hospital financially and in so many other ways,” said Dr. John Warner, CEO of UT Southwestern University Hospitals. The hospital was built without state funds through the generous support of donors giving to the Building the Future of Medicine Campaign, a commitment of revenues from UTSW physicians through the Faculty Practice Plan, and the sale of bonds.  

“In every respect, work toward the hospital opening is accelerating,” Dr. Warner said. “For the past several years we’ve been intensely focused on building the hospital – and that will continue until completion. But now we’re also taking important steps toward opening, operating, and introducing the hospital to the community. This is a tremendously exciting time … a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

An Opportunity to Support the William P. Clements Clements Jr. University Hospital

UT Southwestern has created opportunities for both staff members and external audiences to be part of the Building the Future of Medicine campaign, which supports the new William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital.

For more information on how to give, employees should go to the UTSW intranet site at External audiences can find information at

Office of Development staff also are available to answer questions at 214-648-2344 or