40 Years: Leticia Frayna

By Donna Steph Hansard

Forty years after starting as a Staff Nurse in St. Paul Hospital’s Emergency Room, Leticia Frayna says what most matters to her is that she has “made a difference.”

Leticia Frayna
Leticia Frayna

“My wish is that in some way – whether big or small – I’ve made a difference in someone’s life, whether that be a patient or his or her family or one of my co-workers,” she said. “I’m grateful to all the people who trained and mentored me, and hope I can do the same for others.”

Recipient of the “Heart of St. Paul” award – given for showing compassion and excellence in patient care – during the 1990s, Mrs. Frayna currently is a Registered Nurse, Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse, and Clinical Coordinator in St. Paul’s post-anesthesia care unit. She looks forward to taking her skills and talents to UT Southwestern Medical Center’s new William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital in the fall.

“Being able to come to work every day is rewarding,” she said. “UT Southwestern is a world-class facility that continues to excel in patient care and research. I will always be proud and grateful to be working here.”

In her spare time, Mrs. Frayna enjoys crocheting and sewing, as well as volunteering at her church. She hopes to participate in mission trips in other countries once she retires. She counts her husband, Miguel, as her “best friend.”

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