Weiner named Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry

By Remekca Owens

Dr. Myron Weiner, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology and Neurotherapeutics, has been named Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry.

Dr. Myron Weiner, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology and Neurotherapeutics
Dr. Myron Weiner, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology and Neurotherapeutics

During his 50-year tenure, Dr. Weiner’s leadership spanned several areas of mental health, including treating patients with psychiatric conditions as well as geriatric patients suffering from dementia-related diseases. As Professor Emeritus, he will spend most of his time conducting Alzheimer’s research and mentoring junior faculty and psychology graduate students.

“One of the things I enjoy most is posing questions about dementia-related diseases and trying to answer them,” Dr. Weiner said. “Now I get to continue doing what I love, only at a more modest pace.”

A full-time faculty member since 1980, Dr. Weiner served as Vice Chairman of Psychiatry for 23 years and was instrumental in the establishment of the UT Southwestern Alzheimer’s Disease Center, where he served as director of the clinical core for 15 years. He also managed the psychiatric consultation service at Parkland Memorial Hospital during his career and held the Dorothy L. and John P. Harbin Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease Research, and the Aradine S. Ard Chair in Brain Science.

“Dr Weiner’s contributions to the Department of Psychiatry over his 50 years at UT Southwestern have been exemplary, particularly in his scholarly research in dementia and his mentorship of young academic scientists,” said Dr. Carol Tamminga, Chairman of the department. “He does his teaching and research with a characteristic and irresistible buoyancy along with remarkable creativity.  He leaves a lasting impression on us all.”

A native of Atlantic City, N.J., Dr. Weiner earned his medical degree from Tulane University in 1957. He completed his internship at UT Southwestern in Internal Medicine and a residency in Psychiatry. In his early career as a physician, he established a private practice while working part-time at UT Southwestern.

“As a young practitioner, I envisioned that I would run an outpatient psychotherapy practice and in a few years have people lined up to see me,” said Dr. Weiner. “I was wrong, and also very bored.”

Dr. Donald Seldin, Professor and Chairman Emeritus of Internal Medicine, said Dr. Weiner’s contributions through the years have had impact worldwide and individually.

“Myron Weiner has made a major contribution in developing a rigorous scientific program for the study of Alzheimer’s disease and related central nervous system degenerative diseases,” he said. “In addition to his clinical and scientific contributions, he is full of sparkle and verve and lends a sense of animation to all his activities.”

Dr. Weiner’s expertise is widely regarded, as evidenced by his work as senior editor of the textbooks The Dementias: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research and Clinical Manual of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias, and as author of the chapter on neurocognitive disorders in the most recent edition of the American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Psychiatry.


Dr. Seldin is a UT System Professor in Internal Medicine and holds the William Buchanan Chair in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Tamminga holds the Lou and Ellen McGinley Distinguished Chair in Psychiatric Research, the Communities Foundation of Texas Chair in Brain Science, and the McKenzie Foundation Chair in Psychiatry I.