Awards for November 2013

Federal Awards – November 2013

Ariizumi, Kiyoshi, NIH, DC-HIL in Cutaneous Immunity, $354,173; Cannon, Carolyn, Washington Univ in St. Louis/NIH, Integrated Nanosystems for Diagnosis and Therapy, $74,588; Chen, David, Univ of California, Berkeley/NIH, Structural Cell Biology of DNA Repair Machines, $75,066; Choy, Hak, Amer College of Radiology/NIH, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) Committee Chair, $6,250; Eisch, Amelia, NASA, Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Space Radiation-Induced Changes in Hippocampal-Dependent Behavior, $449,967;

Elmquist, Joel, NIH, Leptin Action and Central Melanocortin Systems, $319,124; Hall, Christiana, Univ of Michigan/NIH, Insights on Selected Procoagulation Markers and Outcomes in Stroke Trial (I-SPOT), $8,160; Hsia, Connie, NIH, Signals for Post-Pneumonectomy Compensatory Lung Growth, $396,215; Macdonald, Raymond, Vanderbilt Univ/NIH, Genetic Control of Pancreatic Endocrine Cell Development, $167,571; Michaely, Peter, NIH, Characterization of Role of ARH on LDLR Function, $214,650;

Millner, Lori, UT Med Branch/HRSA, Model State Supported Area Health Education Centers Program (MAHEC), $94,000; Mitchell, Mack, Cleveland Clinic Fdn/NIH, Novel Therapies in Alcoholic Hepatitis, $56,445; Niederkorn, Jerry, NIH, Immunological Modulation of Ocular Tumor Metastases, $253,954; Olson, Eric, NIH, Deciphering Regulatory Circuit for Myocardial Metabolism and Energy Homeostasis, $499,463; Olson, Eric, NIH, Deciphering Regulatory Circuit for Myocardial Metabolism and Energy Homeostasis - Diversity Supplement, $80,136;

Paulk, Mary, Dana-Farber Cancer Inst/NIH, Black-White Differences in Advanced Cancer Communication, Acceptance and Care, $53,589; Phillips, Margaret, NIH, Lead optimization of DHODH inhibitors for malaria, $535,903; Raskin, Philip, Case Western Reserve Univ/NIH, Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications (EDIC), $210,638; Sakhaee, Khashayar, Office of Naval Res, Pathophysiologic Mechanism of Ammonium Urate Nephrolithiasis in Navy Dolphins, $26,979; Sanchez, Pablo, Univ of Alabama/NIH, Collaborative Antiviral Study Group, $2,500;

Singal, Amit, Kaiser Fdn Res Inst/NIH, CRN4: Cancer Research Resources & Collaboration in Integrated Health Care Systems, $19,875; Skapek, Stephen, Children’s Hosp of Philadelphia/NIH, NIH COG Chair Grant, $13,262; Stewart, Audra, Univ of Alabama/NIIH, Natural History of CMV-Related Hearing Loss and Feasibility of CMV Screening; CHIMES, $29,507; Story, Michael, OMM Scientific Inc/NIH, Development of a VATPase Inhibitor as a Radiosensitizer, $89,018; Sweeney, John, US Dept of Defense, Family Studies of Sensorimotor and Neurocognitive Heterogeneity in Autism Spectrum Disorders, $200,043;

Womack, Kyle, Baylor Res Inst/US Dept of Educ, North Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Model System, $56,965; Womack, Kyle, Univ of California, San Diego/NIH, ADNI-2: Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative 2, $15,662; Wright, Woodring, NIH, Manipulating Telomerase Alternative Splicing for Cancer Therapy, $296,933; Wu, Jiang, NIH, Role of autism-associated chromatin remodeler Brg1 in neuronal development, $238,500;

Xiao, Guanghua, Univ of North TX Health Sci Ctr/NIH, Blood-Based Screening Tool for Alzheimer's Disease, $15,582; Yanagisawa, Hiromi, NIH, Loss of Matrix Regulation and Aortic Aneurysm Development in Vivo, $356,661; Yu, Gang, NIH, Gamma-Secretase and Myelin: A Paradigm Shift in Brain Disorders, $313,031; Zhong, Qing, NIH, Molecular Mechanism of Mule in DNA Damage Response and Tumorigenesis, $237,614.

Non-Federal Awards – November 2013

Brekken, Rolf, Amer Cancer Soc, Fibulin-5 as Regulator of Tumor Angiogenesis, $160,000; Deberardinis, Ralph, V Fdn for Cancer Res, Translational studies in lung cancer metabolism: creating new paradigms in diagnosis and therapy, $200,000; Kavalali, Ege (Fellow D. Ramirez), Brain & Behavior Res Fdn/NARSAD, Presynaptic vesicle pool-specific regulation of postsynaptic signaling and synaptic homeostasis, $30,000; Kojima, Shihoko, Molecular Biology Soc of Japan, Poly(A)denylatome analysis of Dendritic Protein Synthesis and Synaptic Plasticity, $5,000; Nam, Yunsun, David and Lucille Packard Fdn, Mechanisms of Noncoding RNA Biogenesis, $175,000;

Olson, Daiwai, Adam Williams Initiative Fdn, Adam Williams Initiative Foundation, $52,434; Patel, Ashish, Emory Univ/Crohn’s & Colitis Fdn, Risk Stratification and Identification of Immunogenetic and Microbial Markers of Complicated Disease Course in Pediatric Crohn's Disease, $2,376; Roberts, Todd, Brain & Behavior Res Fdn/NARSAD, Testing the Behavioral Significance of Corollary Discharge Pathways and Their Contribution to Schizophrenia, $30,000; Rosenbaum, Daniel, David and Lucille Packard Fdn, Structure determination of eukaryotic membrane proteins using thermophilic variants, $175,000; Thomas, Philip, Cystic Fibrosis Fdn, Development of Methods and Reagents for Assessing CFTR Folding, $303,736;

Trivedi, Jaya, Genzyme Corp, Neuromuscular MED Fellowship Training Grant, $75,000; Tu, Benjamin, David and Lucille Packard Fdn, Packard Fellowship 2010, $175,000; Whitehurst, Angelique, Amer Assoc for Cancer Res, Framing Therapeutic Opportunities in Tumor-Activated Gametogenic Programs, $309,244; Zhu, Hao, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Investigating Lin28/let-7 Pathway in Mouse Models of Liver Cancer and Regeneration, $140,000.

Industry Sponsored Awards, dollar amounts not available – November 2013

Arnold, Susan, Extended Access Program for Perampanel; Banerjee, Subhash, Impact of Additional LDL-Cholesterol Reduction on Major Cardiovascular Events When AMG 145 is Used with Statin Therapy in Pts with Clinically Evident Cardiovascular Disease; Barton, Theresa, Study of Atazanavir (ATV) Capsule Boosted with Rinanavir (RTV) in HIV Pediatric Sbjs 6-18 yrs; Brugarolas, James, Evaluation of HIF-2a inhibitors in tumor xenograft model; Brugarolas, James, Ph3 Study of BMS-936588 vs. Everolimus in Sbjs with Advanced or Metastatic Clear-Cell Renal Carcinoma Who Have Received Prior Anti-Angiogenic Therapy;

Cannon, Carolyn, Ph3 Study of Lumacaftor with Ivacaftor in Sjbs 12 Yrs and Older with Cystic Fibrosis, Homozygous for F508del-CFTR Mutation; De Brabander, Jef, Glucagon suppression studies; Dowell, Jonathan, Ph2 Study of VS-6063 in Sjbs with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma; Fitzgerald, John, Ph2 Study of BMS-986020 in Sbjs with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IM136003); Frankel, Arthur, Ph1B Study of A-dmDT390-bisFc (UCHTI) Fusion Protein in Pts with Surface CD3 Malignant T Cell Diseases;

Iannaccone, Susan, Ph3 Trial of Tadalafil for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; Jain, Mamta, Ph3 Study of Dolutegravir/abacavir/lamuvidine compared to atazanavir and ritonavir plus tenofovir/emtricitabine in HIV-1 infected antiretroviral therapy naive women; Lavery, Lawrence, Evaluation of V.A.C. Ulta Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System with V.A.C. VeraFlo Dressing System in Operatively Debrided Wounds; Modrall, John, Evaluation of the Gore Excluder Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis;

Raj, Ganesh, In-vivo responsiveness of primary cancers to various drugs; Sathy, Ashoke, Prospective, Randomized Investigation of Syndesmosis Injury Fixation; Stuve, Olaf, Synergistic Effect in Immunotherapy for Alzheimer's Disease Prevention; Vusirikala, Madhuri, Phase 1/2 Dose Escalation Study of BPX-501 T Cells after Partially Mismatched, Related, T Cell-Depleted HSCT.