Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award Recipients

Dr. James Amatruda

Teaching philosophy: “As a teacher, I believe all students have the capacity within themselves to do great things, and my job is to inspire them with the confidence to take on the really big problems that our patients face.”

Other honors: He has been named an Outstanding Teacher by four classes of first-year medical students and a Health Care Hero by the Dallas Business Journal.

Endowed titles: Nearburg Family Professorship in Pediatric Oncology Research; Horchow Family Scholar in Pediatrics

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Dr. George DeMartino

Teaching philosophy: “Respect for students and subject matter enables excellent teachers to effectively impart knowledge, critical skills, and constructive attitudes necessary for academic success. Excellent teachers strive to provide an intellectual foundation that will inspire, guide, and sustain their students.”

Other honors: Dr. DeMartino received UT Southwestern Medical School’s 2012 Distinguished Basic Science Educator award, the highest honor given by the UT Southwestern Academy of Teachers.

Endowed title: Robert W. Lackey Professorship in Physiology

Dr. Joel Goodman

Teaching philosophy: “I have assumed that whatever makes science interesting to me will also make it come alive to students. Key to this is the context: what was known and accepted as fact at the time of a discovery, and how novel findings often depended on personalities and human relationships.”

Research: His contributions to pharmacology include the identification of the first peroxisomal membrane sorting signal and the oligomeric import pathway. Dr. Goodman is a three-time winner of the MS2 Outstanding Teacher Award.

Endowed title: Jan and Bob Bullock Distinguished Chair for Science Education

Dr. Celia Jenkins

Teaching philosophy: “In approaching teaching, I first need to understand my learners’ starting level. Then I want to create the time and space for exposure to new information, while engaging the learners as they process and assimilate their knowledge. My job is to be simultaneously interactive, encouraging, challenging, and supportive.”

Other honors: Her numerous teaching awards include UT Southwestern’s 2005 Socrates Award and the American Psychiatric Association’s 2004 Nancy C.A. Roeske, M.D., Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Medical Student Education.

Dr. Kristine Kamm

Dr. Kamm
Dr. Kristine Kamm

Teaching philosophy: “I see teaching as opening windows to understanding. Sometimes the windows are in great condition and easily released; other times they are painted shut and only grudgingly unsealed. For teacher alone, it’s a labor of love; for teacher and learner together, it’s pursuit of enlightenment. Either way, the joy in understanding sparkles.”

Other honors: A UT Southwestern Academy of Teachers member, she was elected to the Council of the Biophysical Society in 1996 and has won a National Institutes of Health New Investigator Award and a National Research Service Award.

Dr. Lynne Kirk

Teaching philosophy: “My teaching is an extension of the reason I went into medicine: to care for and improve the lives of patients. I teach to draw upon and expand students’ and residents’ base of scientific knowledge and apply it to the care of their patients. My ultimate goal is to make them lifelong learners so they can acquire the new knowledge they need in a way that allows them to provide optimal care.”

Research interests: Clinical prevention, geriatrics, and medical education

Endowed title: Toni and Timothy P. Hartman Professorship in Medicine

Dr. Darren McGuire

Teaching philosophy: “In both [clinical  and didactic] settings, the primary objective is to establish skills and processes that underpin the lifetime of learning that physician trainees face, toward habituation of self-directed learning and maintaining an attitude and an expectation of excellence.”

Other honors: Dr. McGuire won the UT Southwestern Cardiology Fellowship Program’s 2012 L. David Hillis Award for Excellence in Teaching, and he has earned two Outstanding Teacher Awards.

Endowed title: Dallas Heart Ball Chair for Research on Heart Disease in Women

Dr. Edward Mulligan

Teaching philosophy: “It is important for the students to understand there is little need for memorization but a great need for comprehension. With the vast body of knowledge in health care, it is impossible to know everything, but it is possible to be able to reason, problem-solve and know where and how to find the answers to complex clinical questions and situations.”

Other honors: UT Southwestern School of Health Professions Excellence in Teaching Award; Texas Woman’s University Academic Leadership Award; Texas Consortium of Physical Therapy Excellence in Clinical Education Award

Dr. Amit Pandya

Teaching philosophy: “I believe that to succeed as a physician, one must practice the tenets of professionalism, including respect, empathy, humility, curiosity, sensitivity, and cultural awareness.”

Other honors: He’s been named an Outstanding Teacher by 12 classes of medical students and a “Best Doctor in Dallas” by D Magazine.

Endowed title: Dr. J.B. Shelmire Professorship in Dermatology